KBNC’s Customers and References


KBNC has successfully designed, implemented, upgraded and supported SAP solutions for a wide variety of projects for both large and small businesses.

Why not find out what our satisfied customers have to say about us? We would be happy to set up an appointment for you to talk to  our reference customers. More than 100 high-profile companies rely on KBNC's in-depth expert knowledge and IT expertise.

Here are just some examples of the companies and people we have had the pleasure to do projects for.

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  SAP SRM System Design, Implementation, Roll-Out and Application Management Support

  - Procurement business requirement engineering and SRM process solution design

  - SRM 4.0 Pilot system implementation and rollout in more than 30 sites around the globe

  - several SRM system upgrades to latest SRM version

  - SRM usability improvement with customised procurement portal solution 

  - SRM application management support services for all SRM users world-wide


  SCM Business Process Template Design

  - Business process template design for supply and logistics processes


  SAP-SCM APO System Design, Implementaton, Roll-out and Application Management Support

  - Design global IT solution for regional distribution centres based on SAP ERP and SAP SCM

  - Implement pilot RDC in Singapore for south-asian emerging market

  - Rollout RDC system to Dubai and Italy

  - SAP-SCM application management support services


   Herbert Brecheis
   - Division IT Manager


  “KBNC is a highly flexible and innovative network of best-in-class consultants, reliably delivering the contracted scope
    on time and budget”






  SAP SRM System Design & Implementation

  - Procurement business requirement engineering and SRM process solution design for Allianz Suisse, Berner, Elvia

  - SRM 4.0 system implementation

  - Requisite eCatalog implementation and migration to SRM-MDM Catalog

  - Support several SRM system upgrades to latest SRM version


  Sourcing Template Development

  - Business process design for RfI, RfQ, RfP processes

  - Sourcing tool development and implementation

  - Preparation and execution of sourcing events


 Willi Kurmann,
 - Head Procurement  


 "Marc Koch came with a lot of best-practice methodology and helped us to decrease costs in sourcing" 






  SAP ERP Implementation and Business Engineering Services

  - Support Implementation partner evaluation

  - Support Hosting Partner evaluation

  - Service provider contract management

  - Define project methodology

  - Manage and coordinate all project teams

  - Project management services for Bioforce in CH and Biohorma in NL  


 Thomas Fehr
  - Chief Financial Officer


  "We trust in Marc to make sure that our SAP implementation becomes a great success for our business"






  SAP SRM System Design, Implementation, Roll-Out and Application Management Support

  - Procurement business requirement engineering and SRM process solution design

  - Marc Koch supported DPWN in the global implementation partner evaluation process

  - Global SRM 4.0 design template development

  - Pilot SRM implementation in Germany


  Daniel Kautz, 
  - Head E-Procurement


    „Marc Koch is a very experienced and pragmatic business and IT consultant.  
    He combines supply management expertise with deep in detail SAP application knowledge" 






 SRM Solution Design and Implementation in Germany

  - Solution design for SRM 5.0 implementation in Mannheim/Germany

  - Implementation of SRM 5.0 and additional enhancement development


  Global SAP SRM Solution Design and Implementation

 - Solution design a global SRM 7.0 implementation

 - Migration of European SRM 5.0 to new SRM 7.0 version

 - Evaluation and implementation of global eCatalog solution

 - Implementation of global catalog system, development of SRM enhancements

 - Application Management Support


  Tom Chiles:
  - SAP SRM Project Leader


 “We have seen great achievements with KBNC supporting us in our global SAP SRM initiative”






  SAP Development Services

  - Support several development projects with SAP development resources from our our
    SAP IT Competence Center in Bratislava

  - Support with on-site development resources


 SAP SRM Sourcing System

  - Procurement business requirement engineering and SRM process solution design

  - SAP SRM Sourcing (Rfx, MDM)

  - SRM 5.0 a MDM 5.5 performance issues

  - design and development of solutions for sourcing processes, AMS support


  Oliver Jung,
  - Head SAP Development 


   "It has always been a pleasure to work with KBNC, very professional and efficient"






  SAP SRM System Design, Implementation, Roll-Out and Application Management Support

  - Procurement business requirement engineering and SRM process solution design

  - SRM 5.0 pilot implementation in Canada

  - SRM 5.0 rollout in Brazil 

  - SRM 5.0 upgrade to SRM 7.0

  - Global SRM 7.0 rollouts  in 15 countries across the Europe, Asia and America


  SAP Sourcing (Frictionless) System Design, Implementation, Roll-Out and Application Management Support

  - Contract Management Solution Design and pilot implementation with SAP CLM

  - Upgrade SAP CLM to latest versions

  - Rollout of SAP CLM 

  - Global SRM a CLM application management support


  Jonathan Peacock
  - Chief Financial Officer
     “Congratulations on this implementation! 
    We will be looking to your learnings and success as a model for future implementations”



  SAP SRM System Design & Implementation

  - Procurement business requirement engineering and SRM process solution design

  - Electronic Catalog evaluation and implementation

  - Design of best-practice procurement processes for all commodities

  - SAP SRM system upgrade services

  - SAP SRM enhancement developments


  Alfonso Munoz
  - Manager F&C


  Ralph Bugmann
  - SAP SRM Project Lead


  "KBNC is a consulting company with a substantial business process and IT know-how"


  "In all phases of the project, from conceptual design to production startup, we experienced Marc Koch only as an exceptionally
  committed project manager. He is extremely knowledgeable of systems engineering and was a great support to us in all project






 SAP SRM System Design, Implementation, Roll-Out and Application Management Support

  - Business requirement analysis

  - SAP SRM Solution Design

  - SAP SRM 7.0 implementation

  - SAP SRM-MDM implementation

  - Integration of SAP SRM with non-SAP contract document management system

  - SLA application management support for SAP SRM system

  - SRM enhancement developments


   Milan Červenka
  - SRM Project Manager
  "We chose KBNC as our consulting partner after a very thorough vendor selection process. The support provided by the KBNC team both during and after implementation of our SRM project has proven to us that we made the right choice"






 IT Strategy

  - Analysis of existing IS systems and processes

  - IT Strategy development


  SAP Implementation

  - Planning and initialisation of SAP initiative

  - Project Management for SAP HR implementation
  - Project Management for SAP FI & CO implementation


Felix Bodmer
  - Chief Financial Officer 
   "As interim IT Manager, Marc Koch helped us to define our future IS Strategy and supported us to start implementing SAP technology"





 Evaluation and Implementation of new ERP System

  - Provide methodology for the project

  - Specify business requirements

  - Define best-practice business processes

  - Create RfP for new ERP System and implementation partner

  - Manage ERP Sytem implementation


Heike Walter
  - Project Lead ERP 
  "Success depends on the people who help to navigate through the project. As a result of Marc Koch imparting his business and IT expert knowledge to us during the projects, ESU is today able to manage our business and growth with the new ERP Solution"








 SAP ERP Implementation and Business Engineering Services

  - Support ERP System evaluation

  - Define project methodology

  - Manage SAP ERP system implementation

  - Quality Management 


Peter Stoffel
  - Chief Executive Officer

"We were in a situation where we needed reliable and professional project support to evaluate and implement a new ERP Solution. With Marc Koch we have found a very professional advisor for our IT and business people"






 Master Data Management Project

  - Define project methodology for MDM system evaluatoin

  - Specify business requirements  

  - Design to-be MDM business processes

  - Create RfP for MDM system and implementation partner evaluation

  - Support contract negotiations with MDM suppliers


Gunnar Pohl
  - Project Lead MDM 
  "The cooperation with Marc Koch works great. To be more precise: qualified IT consultation and a sense for our business needs"